Covid 19

Covid 19 Office Policy and Procedure

  • Sessions are being held on a confidential secure video platform.
  • Please call or text 501.438.0807 to set up an appointment time.
  • An initial visit is generally done in person, but not always to allow both the client and therapist a basic initial sense of the therapeutic relationship.
  • All other sessions will be done online.
  • There are people that do not work well with sessions online, therefore I am conducting in person sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Online sessions can be scheduled for Tuesday thru Saturday.


 Any session conducted in the office will follow this routine.

  • Session room is disinfected prior to any client entering
  • Then the client is brought back for the session
  • Then the client and therapist use hand sanitizer
  • Then when the session is over, both will use hand sanitizer again
  • Then after the client leaves, the room will be disinfected again.

 Of course, any time anyone uses the bathroom, it is expected to wash hands and use hand sanitizer prior to returning to the lobby or therapy room.  Both are provided in the bathroom by this office. 

 These policy and procedures are in place to follow CDC guidelines to prevent any further passing of Covid 19.  This is also why the sessions have changed to mostly online. The reason for Wednesday and Saturday is to allow 3 or 4 days between times with people in the office. Providing a minimum of 72 hours between people in office, should provide additional prevention to any droplets reaching anyone.

For any questions or concerns regarding this or any policy, please call or text


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