Hydro Dermabrasion

7 in 1 Professional Hydro Dermabrasion Machine 


Six treatment handles plus an LED light therapy mask work together to deep cleanse the skin, while delivering hydration and nourishment. 

1. Hydrogen Oxygen Hydrating: Quick penetration for deep moisturization. 

2. Ultrasonic wand: Promotes circulation, cell renewal & repair. 

3. Cold Hammer: refresh skin, closes pores, reduce puffy eyes. 

4. Skin Scrubber: Remove dead skin and build up. 

5. Hydrogen Oxygen Cleansing: Deep clean, remove grease, acne, blackheads, and dirt. 

6. RF Lifting: Increase collagen production, skin tightening and firming.   

7. LED Light Therapy Mask: Treat acne, reduce redness and wrinkles. 


This expert machine revitalizes, and nourishes, revealing a brighter, healthier, younger looking facial complexion. 


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