Vacuum & Cooling

The freezing point of water is 0℃ while the freezing point of fat is 4℃, which we can
make use of to achieve the purpose of reducing fat. The vacuum&cooling treatment
makes use of vacuum to treat fat. Fat will be targeted and cooled down. During the
process, heat in the fat layer will gradually disappear. When the adipose cells are
cooled down to 4 ℃ , they will die. The low temperature destroys adipose cells,
causing no damages to skin or muscles. The dead adipose cells will be excreted from
body by liver without external energy.

Biological Effects
Human body consist of 60%-70% water. The freezing point of water is 0℃. But fat has
different property. Fat congeal from the temperature of 4℃. Using such property
difference, this machine is able to reduce fat. During the treatment, the
corresponding handpiece will be put on fat area, and the fat will quickly congeal into
jelly-like substances. And then the phagocytosis(phagocytes engulf and digest
microorganisms and cellular debris) will happen. The dead cells will be treated as
waste by the body and will be excreted in 2-4 months. So, this treatment can not
make you see immediate effects but you can feel the fat is gradually removed.
It can help reduce fat and promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to
remove waste in the body. Additionally, the dead adipose cell are also removed from
the body and so it can effectively prevent the reappearance of fat accumulation.

1. Dissolve fat to destroy thick fat accumulation and cellulite
2. Help reduce fat on specific areas
3. Relieve the condition of saggy and ageing skin, make skin become firm and have
4. Dissolve fat to build ideal figure curve.
5. Build slender waist, slim legs and plump and firm hips.

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